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The Update February 23, 2009

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was this girl named Jessica who lived happily in Tagore International House, which was a dorm of plenty. It had beds, running water, and internet just as the girl dreamed. Then this cloud of fire and inefficiency came and incinerated the wifi and any hopes the girl had for air conditioning before the land experienced its yearly hell-season of 110 degrees. Furthermore, in her travels, the girl lost her magic memory capturer to an evil thief and could no longer illustrate her experiences to her adoring subjects. Without the magical wifi, the girl has to travel great distances to get to a computer, through dirt and sweat and sun.


Will the cloud of fire and ineffeciency ever leave this land? Will Jessica ever get a replacement magical memory capturer? Tune in next time, and we’ll see how the saga will end.

End narrative and switch to reality: The powers that be said one month two weeks ago. I’m betting that it’s longer. I’m aggravated, and skeptical and cynical at this moment, but… we’ll see. Keep coming back just in case a miracle happens and the wifi is installed sooner.